Kaifi Azmi the founder of Mijwan Welfare Society

This is only a brief description of Kaifi Azmi, I therefore also add a link to the website on Kaifi Azmi.

Throughout his life from young age Kaifi Azmi was concerned about equal rights, especially for girls and women. He worked very hard for better conditions for the poorest.

Kaifi Azmi was born in Mijwan, he was and still is a famous Urdu poet, lyricist and script writer, already at the age of eleven Kaifi Azmi wrote his first ghazal...read more http://www.azmikaifi.com/life-sketch-of-the-legend/

In 2011 I discovered Mijwan Welfare Society website and read about Kaifi Azmi.

After a brain haemorrhage he was partially paralyzed on his left side of the body, despite this disability he returned to his birthplace Mijwan. He encouraged the development of Mijwan and in 1993 he founded the Mijwan Welfare Society, what an achievement! Immediately, I was inspired by Kaifi Azmi and also very much by his daughter Shabana Azmi.

Due to some bad experiences with NGOs previously, I had lost my passion for NGO work and actually forgotten most of what I had done in the past because I have paralysis on my left side due to sclerosis. To me it was an eye-opener to read about Kaifi Azmi and Shabana Azmi, it made me think, what can I do for people in Mijwan.
Poems have never had my interest before I read the poem "House" by Kaifi Azmi, I was totally speechless, suddenly, I could recall an episode I had forgotten, which was about nearly being arrested in a foreign country. The incident took place in a country in North Africa during a trip to Ghana, we were young students from Denmark invited by young students to visit them at the university residence. It turned out we should have obtained permission from the authorities, therefore some other students called the police. It was a very dark night, the police were after us with batons and flashlights, we ran inside a sports stadium.  Although the police had lights, they did not find us. On
 reading the poem I realized the power of poems. Since then I have read several poems by Kaifi Azmi, and I ordered online the book Selected poems, Kaifi Azmi translated by Pavan K. Varma.

When I arrived in Mijwan, people knew I loved the poems by Kaifi Azmi. Several told me how much Kaifi Azmi had done for the village and how much he still is in their minds. They were very touched, and it made such a huge impression on me that I, too, got a lump in my throat.

On several occasions I was invited to celebrations at different places, and it was a huge honor for me when I was invited as chief guest to a memorial evening for Late Kaifi Azmi, it was a wonderful evening with lots of great artists.