Shabana Azmi is one of India's finest actresses and a social activist, she has received numerous awards.
Since this website is about Mijwan and the list of movies Shabana Azmi has appeared in is very long, and her work for the disadvantaged in society is great, I have chosen to write about her great work as a social activist and only a little about her as an actress. : "Azmi has been a committed social activist, active in supporting child survival and fighting AIDS and injustice in real life. Azmi has voiced her opinion on a variety of issues. Initially, her activism drew skepticism and was dubbed by some as a publicity gimmick. However, she proved her critics wrong and used her celebrity status to emerge as a high-profile social activist."

Shabana Azmi has advocated for the rights of women, slum dwellers, TeachAIDS ambassador and several other causes. In 1998 she was a UNPF Goodwill Ambassador for India, was a member of the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of the Indian Parliament in 1997, she is Chairperson of ActionAid India and Director of BRAC. Shabana Azmi has received many awards both nationally and internationally, Film awards, Honours and Recognitions awards. One of the awards is the Gandhi Peace Prize 2006 for her work as a social activist.

Personally, I have much to thank Shabana Azmi for, her hospitality, her support and guidance without her I had never known Mijwan.

A thoughtful speech of Shabana Azmi which she delivered at an event for Rahul Bose’s NGO ‘The Foundation’ on 22nd February 2014...plz read: 



Shabana Azmi speaks up against female foeticide