Every sixth person in the world lives in India
Every sixth Indian lives in the State of Uttar Pradesh
Every sixth person in Uttar Pradesh lives in Eastern U.P
And Mijwan is in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Text: http://www.mijwan.org/

Mijwan is a tiny village of eastern Uttar Pradesh India with a population of 600 people, one of the poorest regions in the world.

The village and the surrounding villages have huge problems with poverty, gender discrimination, lack of education just to mention some of their struggles.


  • Most people have an income from various jobs, farming and sale of homemade products. In Mijwan there has been launched some entrepreneurship courses especially for women.

  • Mijwan Welfare Society has created an embroidery and tailoring center in Mijwan and other villages, many women earn a salary by sewing the unique embroideries.

For most people it's a strenuous job to support a whole family although the kids are helping with household chores, especially the girls. Often they must leave primary school and therefore have only a scant school attendance. Naturally, people in Mijwan want better living conditions and better opportunities for their children.

Over the years there has been a huge progress in Mijwan after Late Kaifi Azmi returned to the village and founded the Mijwan Welfare Society. People said to me "you should have seen how the conditions were here before Kaifi Azmi came to Mijwan" "we got electricity, post office, Girls' school, computer center and lots of women got opportunities for a job at the embroidery center", a development that continues with Shabana Azmi along with Namarata Goyal and all the staff at the centers.

With Mijwan Welfare Society initiatives in the area people now have dreams and hope for the future.