• Saint With Strapped Feet

    Sitting on my shoulders someone
    Keeps reading the Bible, the Quran and the Vedas
    Flies buzz around my ears; the ears are wounded
    How do I hear my own voice?

    Rana was Hindu, Akbar was Muslim
    Sanjaya was the first person, who, before Christ, made the television
    And sitting at home, to a blind king, showed the tamasha of war

    So what if man has landed on moon today? This is not progress
    When the atom had not been broken
    When the fountain of energy had not sprung forth
    Someone had gone from the earth to the sky

    This and much other ignorant talk
    Takes place on my shoulders; my shoulders are drooping
    My height is decreasing by night and day
    Lest the head should merge with the feet

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