• Lamp

    Not one, but twenty-six lamps,
    One by one, I have lighted today.

    One I lit in the name of freedom
    With burning lips it said:
    Ask for wheat from any nation
    We have the freedom to beg.

    One I lit in the name of prosperity
    The moment it was lighted
    It illuminated our confused reality:
    My stomach is empty, my pocket is empty.

    One I lit in the name of unity
    Wherever its light was able to reach
    We saw communities lose amity
    We saw a mother's shelter breach
    Its joints coming apart simultaneously.

    Exasperated, my wife shouted out
    Oil is dear and just not there
    Why have you lighted so many lamps
    o balcony or terrace, our house is bare
    There is no place for dreams anywhere.

    A wavw of anger
    Blew away the lamps
    But, yes, just one remained
    Its name is hope and it flickers on

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