When people ask me why people in Mijwan are so important to me, the best explanation I can give them are these lines of Kaifi Azmi:

Mehak khuloos ki is sandali ghubaar mein hai

Mohabbat aaj bhi zinda mere dayar mein


The scent of goodwill pervades this land of mine

Love still lives in this land of mine - Kaifi Azmi

Text: from Ms. Shaukat Kaifi's book Kaifi & I the words are from a Ghazal Kaifi Azmi wrote about Mijwan



In 2013 I (Bente) traveled to Mijwan I lived there for two months, a wonderful time.


Most of my daily life in Mijwan went along with the teachers and the students at the Kaifi Azmi Girls School and Inter College, there was plenty of time to get to know each other, especially with the female teachers, we managed to create lasting bonds.


At the Kaifi Azmi Girls School they use a variety of teaching and workshops to advance their education, skills, self-development and independence.                                                         http://www.mijwan.org/events-press-media/local-press-news/157-sabse-sasta-gosht-a-commentary-play-on-current-socio-political-times.html

Through the conversations I had with the women in Mijwan it is my impression many of them experience that poverty and arranged marriages are two equal huge problems besides all the other challenges in Mijwan. When a woman gets married, she lives no longer with her family, but she moves to her husband's family a life of limited freedom.

The leadership and staff of Mijwan Welfare Society are working so hard to improve the conditions for people in Mijwan especially for the girls and the women.

Because of people's goodwill, their enthusiasm for promoting development in their village and because Mijwan Welfare Society allowed me to attend classes, meetings and individual staff interviews, I got the idea to found a Denmark-Mijwan Friendship Association new name Mijwan in Denmark http://www.mijwanindenmark.dk/431664070 

It was very hard to say goodbye to friends in Mijwan it was not without tears, fortunately I am in regular contact with several people through WhatsApp...Hooray for technology development.


The Principal Sameena Azmi of The Kaifi Azmi Girls School and Inter College

A special thanks to Gopal ji for his indispensable support and help